Easter Holiday Dinner Ideas

Hard boiled, dyed Easter eggs serve more of a purpose than just giving the kids something to do before Easter arrives.

Deviled eggs make a delicious appetizer and will hold off hungry dinner guests while you put the finishing touches on your holiday meal.

Speaking of the holiday meal, many of us have our Easter traditions when it comes to what we serve for our dinner. Typically it is ham. The side dishes are up to you. Spring vegetables make an inexpensive side dish. Personally, I don't know what we are serving for Easter...yes, that's right, Momma Vicky is once again breaking tradition but isn't quite sure what direction to go to for her holiday meal.

Some years, we have a full house for Easter and in the past, this meant serving a large ham, homemade macaroni and cheese or au gratin potatoes with freshly steamed broccoli and carrots. Many times I looked forward to the leftovers more than the meal itself.
Leftover ham is delicious when cubed and added to chopped deviled eggs, minced celery and then a tiny bit of mayo (just to hold it together) and served in a wrap or on fresh rye bread. Talking about a hearty sandwich from Easter dinner leftovers!

We have a nice roast that may be an option for our holiday dinner. Although it is not traditional, it will still be worthy of being a holiday meal. Some red potatoes steamed and mashed along with vegetables will make for a nice holiday meal.

Like I said, there are so many options when you do not mind going against tradition. We will check to see what is on sale at the supermarket and compare that to what we are in the mood for and choose our entree and sides.

Dessert also has many options. Since everyone here has been being cautious about their weight, I am proud to say there (currently) is no Easter candy on the premises. We are going to treat ourselves to some decadent dessert but that too is up for debate.

So whatever your holiday meal is, pick your favorites and stick with your traditions if the majority is happy with them. Holiday meals are about sharing with family. No sense in serving something that is tradition but no one enjoys. Make your own traditions!

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