Easter Brunch

Brunch is a perfect idea for Easter. While the kids fill up on jellybeans and chocolate, the adults can sit back and enjoy a laid-back, hearty brunch.

Depending on what and when you are serving Easter dinner, a brunch can be a great idea. If your dinner is not until late afternoon, serve your brunch around 10 and it should hold off your guests for the big meal later on.

Carrot cookies will fool everyone because these tasty treats are healthy! They are perfect to put on your brunch table (the kids will love them as much as the adults).

Apple cinnamon crumb cake is easy to prepare and will fill your home will a delicious, sweet aroma.

Being that it is Easter and there is surely enough sugary sweets around, these brunch recipes will give you plenty of healthier, heartier options for a late breakfast for a crowd.

This one-skillet dish contains red potatoes, onions, eggs, turkey sausage and seasonings. Easy and tasty!

Enjoy your holiday meals and come back tomorrow for some unique egg dyeing pictures.

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