Mother's Day

It is a few weeks off but waiting until the last minute to decide what you are doing for your mom on Mother's Day is always a mistake. What to get the mom who has it all? Why not cut mom a break on Mother's Day and cook.

(oh- make sure to include cleaning up the mess you make or it won't be much of a gift!)

Want some ideas on what to make for Mother's Day??

Here are just a few ideas...think about what would work out best for your family.

Meatloaf is easy to do and although it is something that your mom would make for you, why not show her that you have been paying attention to her cooking lessons? Another idea is a delicious homemade dessert. Pecan coffee cake is easy and mom will love it!

How about a brunch? Mom can sleep in and wake up to a delicious late morning meal. Serve her an easy breakfast wrap or if mom has a sweet tooth, why not make her cinnamon french toast strips ?

If you think getting the whole family together is a good idea to celebrate Mother's Day, how about a family barbecue? Try my son's recipe for bacon and cheese stuffed burgers . A family bbq is a great way to enjoy the day with mom.

You have a few weeks...don't forget to plan something special in honor of your mom. It's her day!

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