Mimi's birthday

The title of this blog post is Mimi's birthday so why, do you ask, is there a picture of Chicken Paprikas?
Call me crazy (many do) but Chicken Paprikas reminds me of my Mimi. You see, the night that I went into labor with Mimi, my last meal was Chicken Paprikas. Yum. Creamy gravy, light and fluffy dumplings and delicious stewed chicken is a heavy meal to have hours before you give birth but hey, it isn't like I knew that Mimi was FINALLY going to arrive.

I went into labor with Mimi a week prior. It was New Year's Eve and we were fully expecting to welcome 1983 with a new addition. Nope. Not Mimi. She decided (at the last minute) that she changed her mind. One week later it all changed.

Anyway...in honor of Mimi's birthday (which was yesterday) I am reposting my recipe for Chicken Paprikas. The weekend is a nice time to make this. Being that here in the northeast is a cold day with snow coming, it makes it more appealing to settle in and cook.

Check tomorrows post for pictures of Mimi's birthday cake. (the amazon posts is one of Mimi's early musical influences)

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