New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve is upon us! How will YOU be saying goodbye to 2010??

In my home, we will be celebrating the end of 2010 with our family. Playing some fun board games and watching the Twilight Zone marathon which is a tradition in my house.

Of course, there will be food! New Year's Eve is a fun time to have appetizers and just hang with the family.

Appetizers for New Year's Eve will mainly be homemade (of course). I really dislike the frozen appetizers that are the norm this time of year. Even though supermarkets have a huge variety of them this time of year, making these favorites myself is so much more satisfying!

There will be the traditional chips but hot appetizers are really a treat.

potato skins and stromboli are two good choices for New Year's Eve appetizers.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!   Best wishes from Momma Vicky for a healthy, happy new year for all!!!

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