Spaghetti Tacos

Thanks to a joke on iCarly (for those of you who don't know, this is a show on teenNick), Spaghetti Tacos are the food that kids and tweens are asking for. Spaghetti Tacos? Hmmm. Kind of an Italian/Mexican combo that makes you able to eat your spaghetti on the go.

Well, MommaVicky is always paying attention to food trends and here are her ideas for how to make Spaghetti Tacos at home.

Easy Spaghetti Tacos

hard taco shells (you can choose from various varieties- go for what your kids like best)
spaghetti sauce

How to make them.

step 1- Cook and drain your spaghetti.
step 2- Heat your taco shells.
step 3- Heat your spaghetti sauce.
step 4- In a large mixing bowl, add spaghetti sauce to the spaghetti and toss to cover all the pasta.
step 5- Using tongs, carefully put the spaghetti/sauce mixture into the taco shells. (this will take practice and it could get messy)
step 6- Serve with a side of grated parmesan.

variations to the above recipe.
Add mini homemade meatballs to the sauce.
Add chopped pepperoni to the sauce.
You can also substitute soft-shells (tortillas) instead of hard shells.
Another variation is to use Mexican blend shredded cheese on top of your spaghetti

Spaghetti Tacos for the Adults

whole grain spaghetti
marinara sauce
shredded parmesan
flatbread (italian flavored if you like)

step 1- Cook your spaghetti. Whole grain spaghetti tastes better if it is cooked longer but cook it al dente if that is how you like it.
step 2- Heat your sauce.
step 3- Mix together spaghetti with sauce.
step 4- Using tongs, place spaghetti/sauce mixture in the middle of your flatbread.
step 5- Sprinkle with shredded parmesan
step 6- Fold and you have a spaghetti taco!

Have iCarly fans in your house? Try Spaghetti Tacos for dinner tonight and see how they will eat them up!

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