Fried Ravioli

Today the original MommaVicky asked me if I knew how to make Fried Ravioli. I probably could have come up with something but instead I decided to see what recipes I could find. Giada's Fried Ravioli is by Giada DeLaurentis (you know that skinny Italian chick who claims that she LOVES food but is a toothpick)
who has a show on the Food Network. I do love her by the way, just joking about the weight thing.

Anyway. I thought I would share this recipe. It makes a nice appetizer. Sure it isn't health food but if you don't stuff yourself with it every day, what is the harm? You fry it in olive oil which is good for you. It balances out.

The only advice that I have when you find a recipe on the internet is to read the comment section. If an overwhelming amount of people make a similar comment, listen to them. It will make it easier to make necessary adjustments to the recipe.

With this recipe, Giada advises to dip the ravioli in buttermilk and then breadcrumbs. Many people commented that using flour then an egg wash (egg and water) held the breadcrumbs much better than just buttermilk alone. Try it for yourself. Hey- it's football season so all you football widows can do something nice for your man and make him a tasty appetizer. Enjoy!!

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