Beans. A great source of fiber, protein and low in fat. Do you want to try adding them to your family's diet but do not know where to begin?

My experience with beans is not a good one. The only beans I remember growing up were the occasional can of Campbell's Pork and Beans. Yuck! I wouldn't touch them. The smell and look of them turned me off (still does).

As I got older, I tried refried beans on an enchilada. It wasn't bad. Then I started adding beans to chili but sometimes they would turn out tough, not appealing at all! A friend told me how her mother would mash white beans and add it to tuna salad. Interesting idea.

Beans are very healthy and buying dried beans is a real bargain, especially when you buy a large bag. You can store them in a jar and make them a part of your diet for pennies a servings. Seasoning beans may take some imagination but it really isn't that intimidating.

Give it a try! The health benefits are huge and economically, it can help to stretch your food dollar.

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