Pinterest Popular Recipe- Loaded Smashed Potatoes

Pinterest sometimes makes us feel like failures. People share these recipes that look easy and you go to make them and have a Pinterest fail. Not so with this one. I have to admit that I only saw a picture on someone's feed and did not read the recipe. So, the following is my take on a smashed loaded potato. I made these mid-day and found it filling enough to be a meal in itself without anything else. I imagine it would be great for company along with a steak (if you like that kind of meal)

Here's how I made Smashed & Loaded Potatoes

First I took 5 large potatoes and boiled them in a large pot of water. I cooked them until they were fork-tender.

I placed them into a pan that I put 2 tablespoons of olive oil into.

Next I used a potato masher to "smash" the potatoes. Here's where you can easily "fail". Aim for the center of the potato and gently but firmly push down. It will squish all over and not look like the perfect smooshed potato on some Pinterest feeds.

Next I started to add my toppings. First I sprinkled some chopped red onions.

Next I took some cooked bacon (about 9 or 10 microwaved slices) and crumbled it over the potatoes.

Then I drizzled some more olive oil over top and finished it off with shredded cheddar cheese.

I put this into a pre-heated 375 degree oven until the cheese melted - about 20 minutes.

It was delicious with a little bit of butter and freshly ground black pepper. Next time I would experiment with skipping the bacon and instead adding some chopped broccoli and maybe a homemade cheese sauce? Have you tried this smashed & loaded type potato? What were your results?

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