Feeding Yourself When You Have NO Money

Have you fallen on hard times and find that no matter how hard you try, you are really struggling to feed yourself and your family?

The Federal guidelines for SNAP are a joke. You basically need to be working a minimum wage job in order to qualify for assistance. If you are the working poor you will find that your only "help" is to utilize a food bank.

I am not going the food bank route but instead finding new ways of stretching a food dollar.

Unfortunately I am finding (yet again) that you often have to sacrifice your health in order to eat.

I had $11 and with the "need" of getting coffee and creamer plus a meal or two, this is how I stretched my $11.

1 jar of spaghetti sauce $1.99
2 boxes of store-brand macaroni and cheese .39 each (!)
1 half gallon of creamer $4.49 (a luxury)
1 can of Folgers coffee $3.99

The jar of sauce will be good for two meals. I already have boxed pasta at home.
The boxes of macaroni and cheese are also good for two meals. I have frozen vegetables at home that can be added to make it more filling/nutritious.

Coffee is a staple that I cannot go without. I have tried store brands and most are gross. Folgers might be a bit of a luxury but if it is disgusting but cheap it is no bargain.

Creamer is also a luxury but I can also use it to make the mac&cheese and in a pinch it is a good base for a cream sauce for pasta & vegetable alfredo.

The key to stretching a food dollar is to use what you have with minimum shopping for more items. I don't have a big stockpile of food but what I have I put to use.

What are your tips for stretching your food dollar?

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