Making Healthy Convenient

The way I see it, many of us eat "bad" food because it is easier. Eating healthy to many of us means finding the time to cook a meal and honestly, working a full time job, taking care of kids and your home doesn't leave much time for cooking.

Or does it?

The key to "finding" time lies in organization. Organization AND preparation.

Don't dismiss this- there IS time, you are just not using yours wisely.

I have written before about buying in bulk in order to save money. You got that figured out so now go to step two and learn (practice) being prepared.

It really doesn't take as much time as you think to prepare food/meals ahead of time in order to make your life easier.

No- honestly- it really doesn't!

When you get home from the grocery store don't just toss stuff in the refrigerator, take the few extra minutes to put it away well. For example, clean that package of boneless chicken and store in ziploc bags to cut out steps when you want to prepare it.

Did you realize that meats can be frozen in marinade? Yup. It is true. Then in the morning of the day you want to cook it, put it in a bowl in your refrigerator. When you come home the meat is defrosted in its' marinade and all you need to do is stick it on your grill and cook it.

Fresh vegetables that you wash,cut,peel and prepare when you buy them make throwing together a salad so much faster. Plus you always have a quick, healthy snack at your fingertips!

If you like steamed rice, prepare extra in the steamer. Put it in microwave containers and you have cooked, ready-to-eat rice for recipes!

No need for take-out when your refrigerator is stocked with prepped foods to make it easy to cook something quickly!

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