Food Additives and Health Concerns

In my household we avoid the purchase of "meal kits" and anything that contains preservatives or additives. Well, we thought we did.

Not too long ago we made the choice to limit our intake of beef because many of us had digestive issues and eating beef aggravated our conditions.

When we purchase ground beef we always chose lean but now we learned about "pink slime". Ugh. I never want to eat store-processed ground beef again and I haven't since the reports hit the media.

We have an old-fashioned meat grinder and my son used his muscles to grind our own pork for a recipe he is making. On the rare occasions that we will eat ground beef we will be grinding our own.

The point of this post is that we need to pay attention to what is in the food we eat. There is a problem in this country with obesity in children and adults. Children are going into puberty earlier than ever and that is in part due to the hormones given to our chicken and cows.

Stuff like energy drinks and fast food is responsible for many health issues from diabetes to heart disease.


The rising costs of food means that for many families, eating healthier is hard. Fresh vegetables and fruits are more costly and as someone who has a large family knows, it is tempting to just purchase the cheaper option but I have to think of the long-term effects.

We are exploring replacing harmful meats with beans, nuts and whole grains. We are brewing our own tea instead of buying sugar-filled drink mixes.

We are slowly replacing "white" foods and it really hasn't been so awful of a transition.

I grew up in a large family and was taught a very unhealthy way of eating. It is never too late to learn a new way.

You can avoid many health problems such as allergies if you take a look at what you eat.

Next post I will begin to show you how simple it can be to begin to change your eating and cooking habits for a healthier you!

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