Eating Right From the Start

Childhood obesity rates are so high that many of today's children have life expectancy rates that are lower than their parents. That is a shocking statement but consider the facts.

Childhood obesity means a higher risk of heart disease and diabetes which can cause serious health problems which could lower age expectancy.

This is insanity. We are not in a third world country but the problem is that many of us do not know how to eat right.

We have gotten lazy to but it in simple terms. We are so busy running from here to there that we have become too reliant on unhealthy eating habits and we have passed this on to our children.

Many parents today did not grow up with eating fast food but somehow our children are. Pre-packaged, overly processed foods contain harmful unnatural chemicals that are foreign to our bodies. Why do we not think that these chemicals will have an adverse affect on us?

When we have a baby, we are careful what we feed them. What we need to do is start from pregnancy in eating right.

Pregnancy is not an excuse to be a glutton and eat double portions. Pregnancy is a time to be more mindful of what we put into our bodies. A woman is "growing" a baby. We all wish for a healthy child so during pregnancy, eat foods that are free of ingredients that you cannot pronounce.

Once baby is born, continue the trend for yourself and your baby. You can reduce your baby's risk of becoming a statistic.

The habit of healthy eating is like any other habit. It needs to be practiced. Once you do it and keep doing it, it will become your way of life. Your child's future health and life expectancy depends on you.

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