Summertime Drinks

It gets so hot and humid in the summer here in New Jersey and sometimes you get tired of drinking water all day long.

Longing for something refreshing but not full of sugar, chemicals and caffeine, I use fruit, ice and my blender to whip up some tasty and refreshing summertime drinks.

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I wish I could say that these came from my strawberry patch in my front garden but so far this year my strawberries are not that plump!

If you enjoy fresh summer fruit and want it on hand to make delicious coolers, buy it in bulk fresh either from your supermarket or local farmers market and wash it and freeze what you will not use immediately.

Produce prices are high (as are most things today) so shop smart. I always have some frozen fruit in my freezer and it makes for a great smoothie either with yogurt to make it shake-like or fruits alone mixed with ice in my blender.

Ever open a fresh pomegranate? Here is how   Pomegranates taste like grapes and you can throw them in a blender with blueberries to make a tasty drink or keep it thick and make into homemade ice pops.

these tasty little pomegranate seeds are good like this or you can puree them with other fruit to create a tasty combination.

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