The Unofficial Start of Summer is Here!!!

It's Memorial Day Weekend- the unofficial start of summer. Barbeques, swimming, picnics- lots of outdoor activities!

Here are some ideas for your holiday celebrations!

Cooking outside makes it easy to enjoy outdoor activities like relaxing by the pool.

Make it easy on yourself by preparing food ahead of time. The night before your picnic, prepare boneless chicken breasts by cleaning and marinating them. This way when it is time to grill, they will be ready to go.

You can do the same with your fruit salads and veggie salads.

The danger in outdoor cooking is not being mindful of keeping your warm food warm and your cold food cold. If serving food outdoors, make sure to keep it in a shaded area and set containers of food in bowls of ice to keep chilled.

Be careful of using mayonaise based salads outdoors. They can go bad quickly in the heat.

You don't need to go crazy with food for a holiday bbq. Prepare ahead of time to make it a relaxing day for you and your guests.

Ice cream cake

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