Fiber - How To Sneak It Into Your Family's Daily Diet

When many of us think of fiber, we think tasteless. Fiber can taste good and it is really beneficial to your family's health.

With childhood obesity always in the news and talk about eating healthier, how do you get your family to eat more fiber without them fighting you about eating healthy?

You sneak the fiber in, that's how you do it!

Instead of white bread, start weaning your family off the white stuff by buying multi-grain white bread. From there you can introduce whole grains. It is possible to find a brand that even your picky eaters will tolerate. (believe me, I have the pickiest eaters)

The next step is to use brown rice instead of white. Again, if you make a rice dish with a sauce, they won't even notice!

Start leaving the skins on potatoes, mixing broccoli in with their favorite macaroni and cheese (made with whole wheat pasta) and wean them off sugary breakfast cereals that are full of preservatives.

Whole grain mini bagels will fill your kids up in the morning. Don't be fooled by Kellogg's formerly junk cereals that now have more fiber...they still are junk (high in sugar) even though they do have more fiber, you can give your kids a better start than that.

Slice apples for a snack. There is fiber in the skins!

Pears, berries, and guava are a few more fruits that are high in fiber. Who can resist the natural sweet goodness of freshly sliced strawberries?

Use your blender and make a fruit smoothie. Add fruit, a few ice cubes and some vanilla yogurt and blend in your blender. It will make a thick dessert that is refreshing and full of fiber.

Do you want snacking foods? How about nuts? Almonds, pistachio or brazil nuts are great. If you are concerned about salt or added calories from oils, check the labels.

Vegetables are another source of fiber that when you choose wisely, it will make a difference in how much fiber you are adding to your daily diet. Beans, kale, broccoli and artichokes are just a few of the vegetables with a high fiber content.

Want more ideas on what foods are high in fiber? Check out this link for more ideas.

Adding fiber reduces your blood pressure, helps you to maintain a healthier weight and makes you feel better!

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