Dena Bolton

The following is a list of links of articles that are geared towards anyone who cooks. They are written by Momma Vicky's writing "friend" Dena Bolton.

Dena Bolton is not just a writer, she is a friend who I have never met in person but for the last 2+ years has been part of an online writing community that supports each other. I am glad to be a part of this group of writers who have found each other online and built some strong friendships.

As fate would be, Dena just so happens to live in Tennessee near my sister. I "introduced" Dena to my sister and they have become friends. Dena has been very helpful to my sister sharing her knowledge about gardening.

Unfortunately, as I write this post, my dear friend Dena is in the hospital and is being treated for a serious illness. I am using my post here today to promote Dena's newest articles (written before she was hospitalized but just published today).

So- check out one of these articles. I am sure that you will learn something useful. Dena also is a featured contributor and is very knowledgeable about gardening, alternative medicine and food and wine. Enjoy!

Grilling basics - It is more than just throwing some meat on a hot grill and hoping for the best.

More grilling basics about charcoal grills  - If you are used to a gas grill or even an indoor electric grill. You need to read this article.

Pasta and sauce is a simple dinner choice. It is so much more than opening up a jar.

Fresh vs. dried herbs - yes there is a difference!

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