Unique Ways to Make Chicken

Stuffing coated Chicken

There are literally hundreds of different recipes that involve boneless chicken breasts. Many people love the taste of breaded chicken but typically, the breaded chicken is fried. Even if you use a healthier oil to fry your chicken, it is still fried and that doesn't make it healthy.

This recipe for chicken combines the idea of breading chicken but bakes it instead of frying. It also adds a unique twist to the idea of breading- Stuffing Mix is used instead of traditional breadcrumbs.

Stuffing Coated Boneless Chicken has two options for making this recipe. The first is the easier version because it uses a prepared stuffing mix. This is fine for most but for MommaVicky who gets hung up on what is in that convenience/prepared mix, there is also the option of doing it more from "scratch". Okay, to be totally technical about the whole thing, if this recipe was to be made 100% from "scratch" I would be baking my own homemade bread, cubing and drying it to make my own stuffing bread crumbs. Using a bag of stuffing (without additional seasonings) is as close as it gets to homemade for me.

You have many varieties for this recipe. The only tips I have is that when you bake your chicken, make sure to keep the pieces uniform in size and thickness in order for even cooking. Choose to make the breasts bigger and thicker and you will need to increase the baking time and often, the really thick part of the chicken breast are not going to cook well.

The breading (even stuffing breading) may dry out. This really works better by keeping the pieces thinner.

So add this unique boneless chicken recipe to your list of what to make for dinner. You will enjoy it.

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