Mimi's Birthday Cake

Mimi   Halloween (age 3?)

Mimi's cake

Nothing fancy but personal. Mimi loves spiderman. When Mimi was little (see picture above), she carried around a little Spiderman action figure. Spiderman went everywhere with her. Mimi grew up but she still loves Spiderman.

To make her cake special (and this was so last minute), we made a cake in a bundt pan. Colored the icing Spiderman colors and made the spider on the side of the cake.

Mimi was thrilled. As the next pictures show, 28 candles are a lot of candles. Mimi couldn't make it to her birthday party due to snow that was heavier in the middle of the cornfield that she lives in so we had a stand-in and through the use of a cellphone, sang Happy Birthday and cut the cake.

The stand-in was the Melanie doll that Mimi gave me one year as a gift. It was a Barbie-type doll that she dressed in an outfit typical of something she would wear and then she covered the back of the doll box in a collage of pictures of Melanie through the years. Brilliant and creative! Love it!!!

You do not need to be a master baker to personalize a birthday cake. Even last-minute, you can create a personalized birthday cake.

(the next day Mimi was able to have a piece of her birthday cake)

Mimi is the one with the huge smile and shades on. Happy Birthday Mimi!!!!

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