Comfort Food

The "old" way of making lasagna

Fall is coming and the return of comfort food time is here. Comfort foods are foods that are heartier, heavier and usually more time-consuming to make. The good news is that there are quicker and easier ways to have comfort foods. Take lasagna, for example. Sure you can purchase a family-size Stouffer's lasagna for around $12, add some fresh bread and a salad and call it a meal. Personally, I find their sauce "too spicy", the noodles are gummy and it is NOTHING like homemade. An alternative to frozen lasagna is my recipe for Rigatoni Lasagna. If you were smart, planned ahead and have quarts of frozen homemade meat sauce you are ahead of the game. If not, browning up some ground beef and adding it to your favorite jarred sauce is an option. It still has homemade taste. You can even alter this recipe by using turkey sausage, ground turkey or a combination of turkey and beef. Whatever you choose!

Rigatoni Lasagna is a quick recipe that is easy and can be put together days ahead and baked when needed. Reheats well also. Enjoy some easy to make comfort food and look forward to cooler fall days that will be here soon!

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