Dinner from Scratch in 30 Minutes!

Dinner from scratch in 30 minutes without using any processed packaged meals. Impossible you say? No, hardly.

We buy family packages of boneless chicken and then I spend about 20 minutes or so cleaning it, cutting it and putting it in freezer bags portioning them for fast and easy meals.

This morning before leaving for work I took out a package of frozen chicken and set it in a bowl (in the refrigerator) to thaw. When I got home the fun began.

The chicken was cut into smaller pieces and I first laid them out on a disposable aluminum pan. I turned my oven on to 400 degrees while I prepared the chicken.

I took two bowls and in one I poured in about 1 cup of Panko breadcrumbs and added 1 teaspoon of paprika, 1 teaspoon of garlic powder, 2 teaspoons of parsley and some black pepper.

In the other bowl I spooned in two tablespoons of mayonnaise and grated about 2 ounces of cheddar cheese into it. I stirred it together and spread it on top of the chicken. A bit messy but I evenly distributed the mixture to cover all the chicken.

Then I stirred together breadcrumb mixture and spooned it on top of the mayo/cheese. This was a bit messy but as I went along I pressed it into the mayo mix.

Then I simply put it in my preheated oven and got to work on the sides.

I had 3 medium red-skinned potatoes which I washed and cut into small pieces. I put them in a microwave steamer bag and put it in for 5 minutes.

I put about 1 tablespoon of salted butter, a slice of red onion chopped finely, black pepper, about 1/4 cup of milk and some parsley in the microwave once the potatoes were done and gave it about 1 minute. I added the potatoes and mashed it.

The chicken was cooked in 25 minutes (it was thinly cut, smaller pieces).

Served with the potatoes it was a tasty meal in 30 minutes. I would have added another side of vegetables but I didn't have a thing at home.

See how easy it can be?

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