You Are What You Eat and What You Don't Eat

It is an effort to eat healthy foods. Think about it. We are so busy in our daily lives. When it comes to meals, we often make the easy choice. Sometimes this means grabbing what is quick. This is not always best.

What you eat will affect how you look and feel. It really is that important.

Feeling sluggish, having trouble sleeping or frequent digestive issues? It could be something that you are not eating. 

Take a look at what you actually eat by keeping a food diary. No need to get crazy about it. Just do it for 3 or 4 days. Everything you eat or drink and I mean everything, just write it down. 

Think about how you feel emotionally and physically. Your diet is responsible for how you feel. It is like putting cheap gas into a car. It is going to sputter and run rough. The same goes for your body. 

Make small changes and you will begin to see a difference. Eat consciously and the results will amaze you.

coming later: a fun recipe for summer along with a how-to on starting your charcoal grill.

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  1. This is so true. We always think "just a little bite, or just this one time" and then it turns into a day or a week or longer of eating that isn't healthy. I try to think about what it does to a car when you put sugar in the gas tank when I crave sweets. Thanks for writing.