Raw Food

Raw food. It sounds pretty simple but not always appealing. The health benefits are amazing and like any other lifestyle change, it can take time to get used to.

Raw food recipes and ideas is a place to go and follow as my friend Miri shares her journey with changing her diet to raw foods. She sites examples of others whose lives have changed drastically because they switched to eating a raw food diet.

In my home we have almost entirely eliminated processed foods. I am still battling the white versus brown rice issue with my son. Having adult children who have their minds made up about what they prefer versus your reasons for making a change is tough. We as a family are on a mission to include fresher foods in our daily diets. My son is trusting his creative talents more and more in the kitchen. He is studying Chinese methods of eating and I have to say he is learning.

He made a meal the other night using fresh ginger and beef that was delicious. Normally I stay away from beef. Since having my gallbladder removed a year ago, I have noticed that my body processes foods differently than before. Of course this is normal and I have adjusted my eating habits accordingly. The combination of vegetables and ginger made this dish not only delicious but soothing to my often-irritated digestive system.

I skipped the white rice he made on the side...to each his own!

I am excited about exploring new ways of eating. I am on my way to the farmer's market store and am excited over what we will bring home today. Fresh blueberry smoothies are going to be an afternoon/afterschool snack today. I cannot wait! Blueberries are power food for the brain. Yum.

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