Exploding Watermelons?

At first thought, it seems funny. Like a high school prank, fields of watermelons exploding brings memories of the comedian Gallagher to mind. Then the reality of the situation sets in and it isn't funny anymore.

The high incidence of exploding watermelons in China is due to a season of poor weather which has affected crop growth. Many farmers have been choosing to grow watermelons and their misuse of a chemical that helps the fruit to grow is the reason for the exploding watermelons.

Okay. This is China. Why should we care about what they are doing to their produce? Because we don't always know where our supermarket produce is coming from - that is one big reason why.

Exploding watermelons in China will be fed to pigs and fish because they are not suitable for human consumption but don't humans eat pork and fish?

Forchlorfenuron is a growth chemical that is allowed to be used in the United States. Forchorfenuron is used on kiwi fruits and grapes and is perfectly legal. 

Misuse by farmers who need to make money from their crops is what caused this outbreak in China but who is to say if farmers in the United States or elsewhere are not misusing these chemicals? What kind of effects does using growth chemicals have on the human body?

Personally I spent a good portion of last summer during the heat and humidity surviving on meals of mostly watermelon. I had just gone through surgery and my appetite was low. My local supermarket was selling whole seedless watermelons at a bargain price of $2.99 and we ate at least 2 watermelons a week.

Exploding watermelons in China may seem funny but this is the reason why I will start seeking out organic-grown produce and investigate local markets more thoroughly so that I know what I am putting into my body. Click here for tips on buying produce

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  1. Yes, I agree it's disheartening. I remember reading that very few grapes sold in grocery stores are grown here in the U.S. and they are very chemical polluted also.