Shopping for Holiday Meals

Spring holidays are upon us and many are planning our holiday meals. Prices of groceries are still high and once again, you want to celebrate with your family but being on a budget makes it tough.

Saving money on meals for your family is more than just clipping coupons. With holiday traditions, you can do well by watching your store's sales and stocking up ahead of time. Knowing where you can buy locally grown produce can save you money also.

Trying to buy in season is a wise move. The ingredients for spring holiday traditional meals usually go on sale. Some stores even give free items if you have been using your club card and accumulated enough points.

We got a free Kosher chicken and because we use two different cards, we are still eligible for another free item. The chicken went into the freezer and with careful planning, we can easily get two meals out of this whole chicken.

Ham is a traditional meal for Easter and the prices are good right now for this staple of a holiday meal. If you serve a ham, remember that the bone can be used to make a hearty soup. Leftover ham can be used in casseroles, wraps, omelets and many other recipes.

The holiday meal doesn't have to break your budget. Make your traditional dishes but save money by shopping in advance. The last-minute purchases are the ones that will break your budget.

Hard-boiled eggs make for a quick, high-protein breakfast on the go!

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