Leftover Time!

The day after a holiday meal usually means that if you hosted the meal, you have leftovers. You thought it was a good idea to boil up a few dozen eggs for the kids to color and yes, they had a great time but now you have a bunch of leftover color eggs sitting in your refrigerator. What to do with leftover eggs? Deviled eggs is a nice appetizer for your Monday night dinner. If you have leftover deviled eggs, you can change them into eggsalad.

Ideas for Easter leftovers are plentiful. With the costs of groceries today, using leftovers is necessary and making it interesting isn't that hard.

These eggs won't be smiling too much longer...eggs sometimes get a bad rap but honestly, they are an excellent source of protein and many other nutrients. Peel and egg for a quick, grab-and-go breakfast. Slice one up on a salad to add protein. Next year, think about how many you choose to boil for your kids to color. We did 2 dozen and it will keep us in eggs for a few days. Eggs that are hard-boiled will last in the refrigerator but honestly, unless you really like them, you can get sick of Easter eggs!

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