Most kids love pizza. Most adults do too but we often do not consider pizza to be dinner. You don't need to order a pie from your local pizzeria or pizza chain. Make it at home and you can make it into a family effort.

Here are some quick and easy ideas that are sure to please any picky eater!

What is a pizza?

A pizza usually has a crust, some kind of sauce and toppings that usually involve cheese. Here are some ways to change it up and give you healthier choices also.

The crust.
You can make your own. This can be time-consuming. It isn't impossible but if you are coming home after a long day at work, making pizza dough from scratch is not really an ideal choice.

Option #1- Store made pizza dough.  You can find it in the dairy section of your supermarket. Another option is frozen pizza dough. Just remember to thaw it in the refrigerator overnight.

Option #2- Instead of the traditional pizza dough, try one of these options.

Flatbread (comes in flavors which can give your pizza a more gourmet taste)
Italian or french bread  (again, you can choose traditional or even whole wheat or garlic)
Frozen garlic bread  (make it a white pizza or a combo white and veggie mix)
Pocketless pitas  (these will be individual pizzas which are much easier in a house full of picky eaters)

Pizza Sauce or Not?

Option #1 - Homemade marinara sauce or even a jar of spaghetti sauce is fine to use as a pizza sauce. Season it as desired with garlic, Italian seasoning or fresh basil

Option#2- Tomato paste. You can purchase organic, already seasoned or season it yourself.

Option #3- Crushed tomatoes. Many come seasoned or you can buy it plain and season to taste.

Option #4- Sliced plum tomatoes instead of a pizza sauce. Makes for a fresh tasting pizza.

Option #5- White pizza. Use ricotta cheese spread on your choice of crust and then top with whatever you choose.

Cheese or no cheese?

Option #1- Shredded or sliced mozzarella is delicious.

Option#2- Mix it up! A blend of Italian cheeses or mix in Cheddar with Mozzarella. Low-fat, non-fat or cheese substitute. Add as much or as little as you like.


Options are endless. Vegetables include spinach, broccoli, onions, mushrooms, peppers, artichoke hearts (chopped) and olives. Meats of your choosing- ground meats seasoned your way, pepperoni (don't forget turkey pepperoni is a tasty option) bacon (again try turkey) sausage, chicken (grilled, seasoned, barbecued) and really anything you like you can top your pizza with.

You can make pizza into a delicious and satisfying meal. Use your imagination and let your taste buds guide you.

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